Ani Phyo – Health on Limited Time and Budget [Video]

Ani Phyo: Renowned chef, author, and a true real living example, discusses in part # 1 how to achieve health within limited budgets & time.

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Brought to you by Amber Zuckswert and Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Edited by Lauren Amerson

Ani PhyoAni PhyoAni Phyo

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  1. darlene drewniak says:

    Wonderful that you have Ani sharing on your Blog, creating a larger picture for the masses about a Raw life style is very grounding and attainable .
    Thanks Jeff

    peaceful day

  2. amber says:

    love it! I just bought her book for a ton of my friends this xmas. Ani is amazing. I love her energy and green living. She practices what she preaches and it shows!

    1. jeffgolfman says:

      Thanks ! I love what Ani does and she executes it with grace and conviction. She is a real example for us all !

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