Avoid the 5 Biggest Vegetarian, Vegan & Raw Mistakes [VIDEO]

From my 21 years of trial and error, you can learn how to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes that Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw food eaters make. Music on this video provided courtesy of Sheena Grobb ( www.sheenagrobb.com).

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Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Dear Reader : What mistakes have you made with Food ?



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  1. Karenna Love says:

    Excellent information, I tend to do all of the above, Avos, already prepared Raw Cheeses, nuts, coco oil!!!
    Same workout routine, great great info…. thank you. <3

  2. Michelle Legg says:

    Is there anywhere else to get this information? My internet connection is too slow and its impossible for me to watch any of the video’s : (

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      The E-Book is Free and will be emailed to your inbox. There are several blog posts that are text based not video as well. Hope this helps and thanks for your interest and support.

  3. Ann says:

    My mistake was: not eating enough. Before I became a vegetarian, I ate in restaurants almost every day because I hate hate hate cooking. When I decided to stop eating meat, I also decided that I would try and prepare my own food. Well, I still hate cooking and I found it much easier just not to eat – as much. So, it was easy to put some lettuce in a bowl, cut up some tomatoe and add an apple, but cooking beans, rice, tofu etc was too much bother. I found that this lack of nutrients led to low moods, lack of energy (as I continued to work out as hard as I had when I ate meat, and a dislike of food because I wasn’t eating anything interesting. I’ve since gotten a lot better, but still need to increase the amount and variety of the veg foods I eat. I continue to learn.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      if you eat fresh whole fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts they are super quick and will get you more calories. check out my latest video on this subject :
      7 Quick Easy Healthy Meals at http://wp.me/p1d5mF-q5

  4. Madi says:

    Hey! That was a really great video and so helpful too!
    Ive just started being vegan for about a week and a half now and i feel so much fresher now then ever and have so much more energy.
    in your video you comment that we still need to eat nuts, seeds, coconut and avocados but just in smaller quanteties. I am allergic to nuts, seeds and coconut. Do you have any suggestions which i could eat instead??
    Thankyou for sharing your tips!!

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      There are many vegans and fruitarians who do not eats seeds and nuts… so you can do well without. Some people who have allergies can do hemp and flax seeds can you ? others also can do the seeds if they are sprouted or soaked. have you tried ? also ancient non stored sprouted seeds like : quinoa, spelt, kamut, buckwheat can be an option for you ? more importantly, you can likely heal your allergies from eating a whole food low fat raw food diet. it worked for me and now i am allergy free. it has also worked for many others too.

  5. Joce says:

    Hi, “Cool Vegetarian”! Just want to introduce myself through cyberspace here! I really enjoyed this video. Great basic tips. Basic yet so important. I’m low-fat raw vegan myself like 90ish% of the time, but definitely still working to get enough calories in, stock up on produce enough, exercise more, etc. It’s fun! Always room for fun improvement! Look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  6. Eric says:

    I’ve been doing the same thing but now I’m preparing my own foods but need to find some motivation to do more than my 20 min walk to work and 20 minute walk back ( it used to be 5 because of the shortcut). I’ve never been a big fan of running or weight lifting but I do like to walk. Is there some way to use my love for walking to increase my overall health like instead of the 40 minutes 5 days a week maybe triple it?

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      how about walk quicker ? ride a bike ? roller blade ? skate board ? rebounder ? best to get 30-40 minutes of cardio 3-4 per week in what ever format makes you happy.

    1. Stacey p says:

      Where was this video filmed at? And I really want to go raw. Vegan. Don’t know where to start

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