8 Ways to Live Healthy in the Real World [Video]

Jeff Golfman of ‘The Cool Vegetarian’ is interviewed for Sagan Morrow’s ‘Living Healthy in the Real World‘ website. We discuss the benefits of the raw food diet, simple tips for being healthy, exercise regimen, comfort foods, doing raw in the winter and much more. Sagan is one of the Superheros on our Urban Indoor Magic Garden project.
Living Healthy in the Real World

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Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Dear Reader : How do you Live Healthy in the “Real World” ?

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  1. Eating raw food in the winter | Living Healthy in the Real World
    [...] winter when the need for comfort food strikes. And be sure to visit Jeff’s blog to view the video interview with my answers to his [...]

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