How To Keep Fit and Healthy on the Road [VIDEO]

With Yoga, Pilates, Hiking, Running, &/or Rock climbing, combined with fresh whole fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and water, you can stay fit and healthy while on a road trip. We just spent 4 days in the Arizona Desert doing just that. Check it out…

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Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Dear Reader : How do you stay fit & healthy on the road ?

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  1. Dhyana Justl says:

    Great vid! You guys are gorgeous and smart too! I need this info now for my stationary trip of writing papers for school. A lot of sitting. Big love, great work!
    xo Dhyana

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      yahh ! so glad you like. The sunshine in Arizona on the red rocks is a thing of beauty. The key for you is to keep moving !!!

  2. Rae Sikora says:

    I LOVED this one!
    She is so beautiful and has such clear and warm energy….
    and great to see Chris, too :) and my favorite red rock places.
    YES climbing! Yes healthy road food! You rock!

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      So glad that you like. I love Arizona and keeping fit and healthy on the road is fun and worthwhile. Thanks for the comments !

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Thanks. I miss Arizona ! It is a very special place full of sun, wildlife, good people and lots of connection to mother earth. Glad you liked!!

  3. Sunny Griffin says:

    Jeff, I would have loved to see the stretch you did but the camera angle didn’t show you below the waist so I couldn’t quite figure out what you are doing. Otherwise – fun video.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Glad you like the video. I struggled with the shot of the stretch and decided to include it even though it was not full view as it was the only stretching footage we capture on the trip…. i will try to describe the stretch: one knee bent and hands above head. stretch back to side of the bent knee and open the front of the hips. enjoy!!

  4. Matthew says:

    Nice! You two really know how to do it right (even while traveling) thanks for the tips. Nice shots of the landscape, so beautiful!

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Thanks, I love Arizona ! Keeping fit and healthy while travelling is very easy if you choose to live that way. Thanks *

  5. Puma St.Angel says:

    Great Video! I loved watching your video and I feel honored to be able to have created a sacred space for your journeys at Grace Grove. Much Love to you both and I hope to see you another journey.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Ahhh Thanks ! Love you guys and can’t wait to visit again. I have footage of the full moon party which i will get live one day *

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