The Cool Vegetarian Turns 120 (Days That Is)

Next week marks the 4th month of The Cool Vegetarian. It’s really hard to believe that it has only been 120 days since this really intense hobby of mine began. In such a short time we have already:

• Added over 50 videos and written posts;
• Received almost 11,000 unique visits and 85,500 page views;
• Showed close to 19,000 people our videos;
• Welcomed 500 + subscribers and 1,200 + friends and followers who’ve been participating and leaving hundreds of comments and questions;
• Been featured in 9 interviews for other media outlets and blog sites;
• Created : Youtube Channel, Itunes, Twitter, Facebook , 30 Bananas a Day, and Kind Life profiles (Follow Me links on Right side column of this page);
• Interviewed : Ani Phyo, Mimi Kirk, Danielle Charbonneau, Amber Zuckswert, Jason Wrobel (guest post), Rolf Gutenberger and many others.

I am actually overwhelmed by the positive and supportive response to The Cool Vegetarian has received. I am really stoked that we have found a small slice of the internet pie for our project and I look forward to building upon the successes to date, as always, together.

We aren’t resting on our past successes, not us. We have a lot in the hopper right now: a one hour interview with Dr. Gabrielle Cousens MD that we’ll break up into smaller chunks, interviews with Chris Whitcoe of Viva Pura, with Lulu’s Chocolate Factory, with Sunny Griffin the original supermodel and a bunch of interviews at the Greenfestival in San Francisco. That’s just the beginning.

I’ll also continue to post my thoughts and strategies on my own personal experiences : how I quit caffeine and smoking, how to keep fit on the road, healthy detoxing techniques, eating out as veggy, vegan or raw, healthy grocery shopping strategies, questions you should ask your guru, and much more.

I also have the travel bug big time. I want to go to as many places in the world as I can and will continue to criss cross the planet spreading the good word and meeting like-minded folks like you.

Your enjoyment of, and value you place in, The Cool Vegetarian is the real fuel that keeps me inspired and motivated to carry on with this project. Without you, none of what I am doing here would matter. So please continue to add your comments and questions and share all the content you like with your world.

In much health and happiness.

Jeff Golfman
The Cool Vegetarian

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  1. Michele says:

    hi jeff,
    I read your how to sleep post, there is great info in there thank you. I also tried to figure out where you mentioned to go and see what kind of music you meditate with and I couldn’t log in. Or even find it for that matter. I would love to find some great meditative music.
    Thank You,

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