Brendan Brazier on How to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet [VIDEO]

In this short video, Brandan discusses the benefits of a Plant Based Whole Foods diet which includes : fruits, greens, exercise, sleep, high alkaline net gain foods, positive attitude and more. Through good nutrition we can thrive in life without the need for stimulants, sugars and pharmaceuticals, and the Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Plant Based Whole Food choices are the best.

Brendan Brazier is a professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50 km UltraMarathon Champion. He is the bestselling author of Thrive Fitness and The Thrive Diet and the creator of an award-winning line of whole food nutritional products called VEGA.

Having appeared on CTV and CBC in Canada and on NBC, ABC and FOX in the United States, Brendan has become a sought-after speaker. He is a guest lecturer at Cornell University and teaches an eCornell course called β€œThe Plant-Based Diet and Elite Athleticism.”

Brendan was chosen as one of the 25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians by VegNews Magazine, the Top 40 Under 40 most influential people in the health industry by Natural Food Merchandiser and has been nominated twice for the prestigious Manning Innovation Award for creating Vega.

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Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Dear Reader : What your Favorite Foods to Thrive on ?

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  1. LynnCS says:

    Brenden. Thanks for this message. It reinforces and encourages me in what I am doing. I won’t be an athlete, but am quite sure your message will help me be strong and active as I get older.

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