Dear Facebook : Here are some Suggestions

If you are like me then you likely have a similar love/hate relationship with Facebook.

You love among other things: the ease of connecting with others, the ability to have a presence on the web, the use of a great vehicle to promote your events or ideas, the platform to speak your mind, the ability to have a database of all of your people in one convenient place, and the instant feedback from people all over the world.

You hate, among other things: the constant changes, the annoyances and silliness of things like Farmville, the ability to lose hours of your time, the prehistoric messaging functionality, and of course the new photo system…

As a blogger and event promoter I find that I hit Facebook’s limitations everyday. I realize that Facebook is trying to protect us from Spam, privacy issues and other inconveniences, but some of the recent changes, and lack thereof, make life cumbersome and time consuming for many of us on our beloved Facebook.

I love Facebook for all the reasons mentioned and I find it to be a super useful and effective vehicle for my message. Because I believe that Facebook can be so much more, I have decided to write out a wish list for the Facebook team.

Your input and further suggestions on this list below would be much appreciated. I really want to send a well vetted and thought out list of suggestions to Mr. Zuckerberg and the management team at Facebook HQ.

Dear Facebook,

We have assembled the following wish list for you of potentialchanges and upgrades to Facebook. Please consider the following:

1. Improve the messaging functionality so that we can cc, bcc, reply all and forward;

2. Increase the maximum friends allowed to 10,000, really;

3. When we send out a twitter post with an image, please include the image in the Facebook wall post, not just the link to the image;

4. Allow our photos to be saved as jpegs so we can easily share and send to others outside of Facebook, just like the old photo album functionality;

5. Allow us to leave a page and come back to it without losing everything on that Facebook page (adding a save draft function would do the trick);

6. Let us know when you plan to make a massive change on Facebook as a friendly “ heads up” message with instructions, so that we can learn the new way rather than leave us in the dark about system changes;

7. Let us invite or message our friends regionally without having to add them into a friend list;

8. Please don’t make us opt out of being on the auto email lists for everything we do on Facebook, rather lets us decide what to opt in on. The new system forces tons of Facebook emails into our inboxes and annoys our friends, fans and followers. Not everyone knows that you can opt out of receiving emails from Facebook in the ‘account settings’ and in the group ‘edit settings’;

9. Provide us with the ability to back up and save our friends and group lists, just in case;

10. Please have the default setting on our wall revert back to show all activities from ‘all friends’, not just the ‘most recent interacted with’. Most people do not know that this recently changed and do not realise that you can change it back to show ‘all friends’ by clicking on your wall page then most recent then edit options then all friends. Most people don’t get this and think people aren’t talking when they are.

The above 10 suggestions are causing issues for many people which is potentially causing reduced traffic, less comments, and lower stats for many of us as a result. If we don’t fix it we may push people to other social media platforms outside of Facebook to look for greater traffic counts. If we get reduced traffic, so do you.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

The Cool Vegetarian

Dear Reader,

Any further suggestions for Facebook improvements or upgrades?
What is your favuorite and least favourite aspect of Facebook ?

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  1. says:

    Favourite: learning about all kinds of topics and events from people I would otherwise not encounter
    Least favourite: inability to control what email notifications I want, inability to Select All when inviting people to events (although I thought this was present in the past…maybe the feature changed?)

    Future Blog Ideas: I love the topics that appear. I’d love to see more discussion on water sources, sugars, grains, protein sources/amounts, varying digestibility of different foods/for different people, and processed ‘health’ foods.

    Blog format: I benefit most from the blogs that offer a text-based version of the videos because I often lack the privacy or headphones or time to take in video content.

    Thank you for everything thus far – it’s been great! Tanya.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      awesome suggestions and feedback thanks ! i will be trying to do more text based blogs but sadly i type with 2 fingers with lots of spelling mistakes, so video is really my best option.

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