San Francisco Domestic Violence Broken up This by Raw Vegan

San Francisco Yesterday on Fathers Day, I set out for an easy Sunday run in downtown San Francisco. After having a great discussion with my own dad & being proud of his recent successes at work & with Habitat for Humanity, I was looking forward to a meditative enjoyable outing.

I was looking forward to basking in the sunny day while recovering my legs from a hard fought 5 kilometer race the day before on Ventura Beach, California. I was still basking in the glow of our 14th instalment of our Alive Raw Potluck Pilates Yoga Massage Party of the night before & was generally feeling very good about life & optimistic for our collective future.

To my surprise, a half a mile into my run I find myself face to face with a large man beating the snot out of his lady on the street.

Considering that I am a lover & not a fighter and coupled with the fact that I weigh all of 141 pounds soaking wet, my options were limited.

I sized up the assaulter & quickly thought that I could out run him if he came after me. As I am a fit & healthy raw vegan & given that I usually finish in the top 10% of running races that I enter & given that he was large & overweight & looked like his very best days were far behind him, I liked my odds.

So, while running towards him, I yelled loud enough that the whole neighborhood started watching “Hey you leave her alone or I am going to call the Police”.

The victim of his attack replied to me “don’t worry about it & leave him alone”.

The attacker replied to me “I couldn’t help myself, it was a reflex” .

I yell to him while still jogging and keeping a few feet head start “You are an XXXX leave her alone “.

He responds “How about you hit me in the face and then we’ll be even?”.

I respond “I don’t want to hit you ! I want you to stop hitting her or you will end up in Jail”.

The victim then gets up and stands by her man. They collect their belongings that have littered the street during the attack, and then continue down the street hand in hand like nothing ever happened.

I continue my run in the sun and finish my outing at the farmers market enjoying the local yummy blueberries & peaches thinking to myself ” what has this world come to ? ”

Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

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  1. Sunny Griffin says:

    Great story, great job, Jeff. Ten years ago, when I fell on a coffee table and smashed my nose, no one in NYC would believe I hadn’t been beaten. Many strangers came up to me offering advise, places to go, etc but NO ONE would believe I had an accident. They all just assumed I was too scared to say anything. That is how common this must be. What a tragedy for the poor woman who is most likely too scared to say anything for fear of another beating or, worse yet, losing her livelihood.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Yes so sad that so many of us live in these kind of realities everyday. It really causes us to reflect and pause and see how fortunate we truly are !

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