Change The World With Your Wallet [VIDEO]

In this short Video Rant, The Cool Vegetarian talks about how we can change the world by changing what we demand of our food suppliers, food producers, ourselves and others.

Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Dear Reader : How are you creating Change ?

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  1. Irene Ling says:

    I fully agree with “supply and demand”. We have to speak up in all different ways. For example, when I fly overseas, I would have my travel agent order raw vegan meals and of course the airlines don’t have it and I know that, then I change it to fresh fruit plate. I am planning to speak with their customer services about the lack of raw vegan meals. I also make a point of making special requests in cruise ships, restaurants, and most recently, pre-ordered food at my niece’s wedding reception. I speak with the people involved politely and explain to them about my food preference. When they make an effort to provide what I have asked for, I graciously thank them.

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