Do We Need Supplements or Superfoods ? – Dr. Doug Graham [VIDEO]

In this short 2.5 min video interview, Dr. Doug Graham, author of The 80/10/10 Diet discusses whether we need to be taking supplements and superfoods inorder to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need inorder to be healthy. His popular 80/10/10 Diet program follows a high carb, low fat, low protein plant based lifestyle.

Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

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  1. Ray Graham says:

    I’m not at death’s door but my fingernails crack and break very easily, so I take a “zinc” supplement which thickens my fingernails. A couple of years ago I damaged the cartilage in my right shoulder pounding in fence posts. After a year the daily pain was still there so I started taking “Niacinamide” supplements and the pain went away and stayed away. Magnesium is used in over 300 different functions in our bodies and 90+% of everybody doesn’t get enough Magnesium in their normal diets, therefore I take a Magnesium supplement every day. When the nuclear disaster happened in Japan the fallout drifted over the western United States, so I take a “Prolamine Iodine” supplement to counteract the affects of this low level radiation. Iodine in sea-kelp is not strong enough in my opinion. Dr. Doug. Graham certainly has a right to his own opinion, but I would be very foolish to stop taking the supplements that have proven to be very effective for myself. At 71, I am fit and active, and when I feel the need for more energy I take a spoonful of “Chia Seed”, a superfood. Honey is also a superfood that will give you an energy boost. What is the point in denying yourself of things that actually work very well in your diet?

    1. thecoolvegetarian says:

      That’s great! As long as you have identified what works for you. I love Chia seeds! They are healthy and delicious :)

  2. LynnCS says:

    Yes, Doug..I agree. Thank you for your simple explanation. A few years ago I fell into a state where I was passing out. I tested very low on thyroid and iron. I was given high doses of both till I started getting symptoms of HYPERthyroidism with a terrible constant irregular heartbeat. The dose was lowered and now I am off the thyroid and initial tests are good. The iron prob. was caused by the bleeding of an ulcer which was caused by ibuprofin prescribed for fibromialgia pain. As I understand it now, the body maintains stores of iron and should not need supplementation after a certain level. Our healthy green diet gives us plenty to maintain that level. I also took a terrible drug prescribed for acid reflux, Omeprazole. It turns out that I am sensitive to gluten and feel that I am better off eating no grains. I enjoy your little book “Grain Damage” ‘Rethinking the High Starch Diet.’ My first thought when I first heard of the Raw Diet was, “How do you eat brown rice raw?” Now it seems funny but I was brain washed into thinking that Brown Rice was the essence of a healthy vegan diet. Surely it was better than packaged meals.

    All of the adverse symptoms that I was suffering, have gone away on the raw fruit and vegi way of eating. I do like my greens too. I haven’t read all your books yet, so I have a lot to learn. Weight is coming off and I haven’t even begun to exercise like I should yet. I am more active and am at the point where I am turning myself into the fruit police. lol. I never ate fruit like I do now. I was one of those people who thought it was fattening.

    Regarding grains, now I get when you say that if you can’t eat it right of the stalk, tree, or from the ground, it probably isn’t real food and isn’t good for human consumption. That is my measurement from now on. Thanks for all you do.

    Thanks, Jeff, for the blog and for bringing us these wonderfully helpful talks. Lynn

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