Raw Vegan Diet for Pregnancy & Babies – Angela Stokes-Monarch

While 3 months pregnant and 6 months before the world knew about the pregnancy, Angela Stokes-Monarch did this exclusive interview for The Cool Vegetarian on whether or not a raw vegan diet is recommended for pregnant woman and babies.

She has been featured on CNN and several other media outlets and has helped thousands of people incorporate healthier diet and lifestyle choices. Angela lost over 160 pounds by adopting a raw vegan food lifestyle over 9 years ago.

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Dear Reader: Do you recommend raw and or vegan for pregnancy and babies ?

Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

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  1. Tanya@HypnoSage.com says:

    I couldn’t hear the resources she recommends…i think i heard ‘evy’s kitchen’ 2nd…any idea on the 1st one? i’m looking for nutritional information with regard to feeding babies who are ready for solids with foods that are as raw & vegan as possible.

  2. C C says:

    The pregnancy was obvious but comments alluding to that were deleted and posters banned. I know this because it happened to me. Not to quibble. But small untruths matter.

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