Sugar, Oil and Salt (SOS) ? – Dara Dubinet [VIDEO]

In this short 2 minute video interview, Dara Dubinet shares her thoughts on whether or not we should consume Sugar, Oil and Salts. Dara Dubinet, is a raw food chef and a graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. She has inspired the masses with her popular YouTube channel.

Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Music Courtesy of Sheena Grobb (

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  1. barbe says:

    Those of us with ‘adrenal-fatigue’ need to consume a fair amount of SEA-salt … but only if you have FMS!

    “Sodium is one of the natural elements in the body to balance electrolytes. Sodium is probably the most crictical element in adrenal-fatigue. It’s deficiency in the blood & inside the cell causes many of the symptoms of adrenal-fatigue.”

    – “Adrenal-Fatigue: 21st Century Stress Syndrome”, by Dr. J.L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D.

  2. LynnCS says:

    Yes, Barbe…I agree that the SEA-salt, as you so rightly remind us is so essential in the balance with potassium for our muscle and heart function. My blood pressure drops suddenly when I am stressed if I don’t have all the electrolytes doing their busy work. I have a lot of books on adrenal fatigue/insufficiency etc, but not this one. I appreciate, yet another source. Doing so much better now on mostly raw fruits and vegis. Quinoa and Buckwheat are two “grains” (which are really seeds, not grains) that I enjoy from time to time.

    Thanks, Jeff for bringing us this great video of Dara and her chocolate recipe. We love Dara and her wonderful creations. Awsome site. Lynn

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