Vegetarian Tree-Free Paper [VIDEO]

One thing I’ve found about becoming vegetarian is that the better I eat, the more vibrant I become, and with that, other parts of my life become increasingly aligned. Now that I’m eating plenty of fruits and vegetables in the balance that’s right for my body, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. My relationships are flourishing – I have friends all over the world that I enjoy visiting on my frequent travels.

My career is also doing really well. Some of you might know that for the last 14 years I’ve been focused on one particular passion project: making tree-free straw-based paper. It’s not a coincidence that it was also 14 years ago that I decided to drop my unhealthy eating patterns, and turn instead towards the super vibrant raw vegan diet that I enjoy now.

Feeding my body with energizing food woke up my mind and soul, and has allowed me to pursue what I know is my career goal: to save trees. I’ve always been inspired by nature and respected the life giving force of trees. Ever since I was a young camper in the woods each summer I have loved the great outdoors.

This week has been a pinnacle for me in giving back to the trees that have inspired me—a project I’ve been working on for over a decade has come to fruition: straw-based copy and print paper that you can buy in all of the 335 Canadian Staples stores and online at . The paper helps save trees from being cut down, and supports farmers with diversified income. It’s called Step Forward Paper™.

It’s clear that no matter how much technology we have in our modern lives, paper is still an integral part of our lives. In fact, recent studies have shown that we are using as much paper as ever today, despite all of the gadgets we have. I’m happy to say that there is now a viable alternative to cutting down trees for paper—we can use leftovers from wheat production—something we have lots of.

We can also do it in a way that has a small carbon footprint—the facility we use to make the straw paper generates its own energy. So even though we are making the paper overseas, we are still emitting less carbon and have a lower eco footprint than traditional paper, and less than recycled paper too!

Of course Step Forward Paper™ is vegetarian paper and uses no animal testing. The factory in India where we manufacture the paper is a 100% vegetarian facility where no meat is allowed on the premises for the 2,000 + people that work there.

I am proud to say that we have had the paper tested at 5 independent laboratories and the paper is really awesome! It is white, bright, smooth, and looks like regular copy paper. It hits all of the technical parameters of regular paper yet has lower dust and runs jams-free, which means it provides lower maintenance costs for your printer, copier or fax machines.

And the vision gets bigger: We plan to rollout Step Forward Paper™ in the USA in 2013, and, once we prove that people are interested in using wheat straw paper, our big goal is to build this sort of facility in Canada, so that we can use Canadian wheat to make paper. This will help our local farmers, lower the selling price to consumers and make the carbon footprint even smaller than it already is.

To achieve my mission, I need your help. Please spread the word and also try our paper and tell us what you think – we’ll send you a free sample so you can test it out!



For more information and to get your free sample visit :

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  1. LynnCS says:

    I sure like the idea that your facility is meat free. I think that’s what you said. No meat/no animal testing. Wish I had heard you say, “no animal products.” It’s a step in the right direction toward being cruelty free. Hooray for you and your business. Getting it to Canada will be a big step and I applaud you for that. I hope that means you will not only use canadian wheat, but US wheat, and provide work for Americans as well as Canadians. It is important as Raw Foodists that we maintain the highest integity possible. One of those ways is to provide work to the people we want to sell things to. I realize the difficulty doing that in todays market, so I understand starting in India. Congratulations to you for the effort you have made so far.

    I now it is a delicate topic, but the toilet paper market could use your help. I recently opened a pkg of tp that smelled horrible. Distributed in Minnesota…who knows where it came from, but I won’t be buying it again. Not sure what my options are. I am trying to be more frugal with the use of paper goods and use rags for clean up. Re using old clothes for rags is a great way to recycle.

    Thanks for actually taking the time, money and effort to do what it must take to start this business. One more step to a better world. Living in the Northwest, USA, this is an important topic for me/us here.

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