What Happens When You Quit Sugar [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guest post by Kyran Doyle

We all understand that eating excess amounts of sugar isn’t great for our health. But just how bad is sugar for our bodies?

Sugars are a natural source of energy for us. We extract sugars from foods to meet our daily energy requirements. More and more foods these days are incorporating hidden added sugars that are not only adding to our waistlines but effecting our health.

You may have heard of the benefits of giving up sugar altogether or even just reducing the amount of sugar you eat on a daily basis.

The team at Fitness Crest have put together a resource for those that are considering giving up sugar. Giving up sugar is not necessarily an easy process, but you may consider cutting out processed sugars for a month and monitoring the results for yourself.

Keep reading below to see exactly what happens to your body when you stop eating sugar.

Kyran is passionate about optimising his life and helping others live more fit and healthy which he writes about on fitnesscrest.com. Feel free to get in touch and follow along with his journey.

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What Happens When You Quit Sugar

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