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Jeff Golfman

Introducing The Cool Vegetarian…

I’m so not a vegetarian. I would probably a need a 12 step intervention
just to consider giving up bacon. Horrible, I know, but sooooooooo
good. If anyone could do it, though, it might be this guy. So, don’t
tell him. It’s way too much power to put in the hands of one person.
Check him out!

Jeff Golfman: An eco-entrepreneur for the last 24 years, way before
it was ever cool, Jeff is an Honours Graduate of the Ivey School of
Business where he was almost expelled for “behaviour” that is still
unknown to him. He is the Co-Founder and President of Prairie Pulp
& Paper Inc. , which is active in the research and development
of recycling agricultural straw fibres into tree-free chlorine-free
sulfur-free paper ( Jeff has had, and
continues to have, many lives. At the Cool Vegetarian, you will
learn from many educated, experienced, and inspirational smarty
pants who will share their wisdoms with us all in the written and
video blog posts. The links page of the site will help you find many
of these wonderful people, the events page will help you plug in to
our community, the Q&A section will allow you to get all of your
answers, and my favorite recipes are on my personal Facebook Page in
the Notes section for you to enjoy FREE. This project has been
created because being green and vegetarian is no longer only for the
people on the fringe. We’ve hit the mainstream my friends and there
are now millions of us who care about the earth, our diets and our
health while still wanting to fit in, to be accepted and have a
supportive community of like minded people around us. In short, to
be Cool.