How to Succeed in the “I Eat Raw Food” Conversation – Round # 2 [VIDEO]

Enjoy Round # 2 of this cartoon parody that I created poking fun of the the stereotypical conversation that each and every raw food eater has to encounter several times each and every day…

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Created by Jeff Golfman of The Cool Vegetarian and The Raw Office

Dear Reader : What does your daily Q & A with your people include ?


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  1. Raederle Phoenix says:

    I really do have this conversation with everyone I eat! Boy does it get old sometimes! But when people listen and change their life and become healthier and happier, it is SO worth it!! Why do the voices sound so distorted? It would be easier to listen to if the voices just sounded normal.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Hi Raederle: Yes it is so great when we touch someone deeply and motivate or inspire them to make a positive change in their life. For me that is the only fuel that keeps me doing what I do with this Cool Vegetarian website.

      The Voices in the cartoon are computer generated and of the many accents to chose from these ones are actually the best of the bunch. Most people are really loving the cadence, tone and pitch of their voices and it seems to be adding much fun to the cartoons for many people.

  2. Sunny Griffin says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I think this is just delightful and I think the electronic voices make it hilarious. We have all said all this so many times and always get the same responses from people. Now I can just refer them to your cartoons. Thanks so much.

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Thanks Sunny. So glad that you enjoy and find value in my cartoon. Thats all I can ask for. Our talks helped me shape some of the dialogue for this script so thank you for that !

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      Thanks Bro ! So glad you like. You have raised the bar in the conversation and I am just trying to keep up !

  3. Amanda says:

    At some point I have been asked every question you have in these two videos :P

    I love the answers you give in these videos -they have such great information! However, some of the people I have talked to would definitely not stick around or listen long enough to hear some of them. To me that just means the person who asked the question is not ready to hear the answer (although they asked the question), are afraid of conflicted information (to what they already believe to be true), or fear anything that threatens their way of life.

    Anyways, great video! :)

    1. coolvegetarian says:

      yes i agree. most people are not ready to hear the truth and would rather be like an ignorant ostrich. lol.

  4. LynnCS says:

    Ha, ha!! “Yes, that means you may have to get a new doctor.” How true, how true. I love the animations and the computerized voices. This is going to be a teaching tool for many of us who have trouble with the naysayers. Keep them coming.

    Oh yeh…I know you can’t mention everyone, but one of my fave teachers is Dara Dubinet. She is truly a bright light and is very enlightened.

    I have learned a lot in the last 6-7 months of learning about the low fat, raw vegan life. Now that I have found your site. I count you among my mentors who are bringing me a totally better, healthier way to live life. Thank you. Fun and helpful.

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