Jack Norris

Vegan Athletic Nutrition – Jack Norris RD [VIDEO]


How To Avoid Pitfalls of 80/10/10 Diet – Dr. Doug Graham [VIDEO]

Jack Norris

Diabetes Vegan Study – Jack Norris RD [VIDEO]

Jeff Golfman

Are You Ready to Be 100% Vegan ? [VIDEO]

Dara Dubinet

From Fries and Beer to 100% Raw Vegan – Dara Dubinet [VIDEO]


Do We Need Supplements or Superfoods ? – Dr. Doug Graham [VIDEO]


Is Adya Clarity Safe ? – Part 1 [Video]

The Secret to Health and Happiness – Dr. Michael Klaper [VIDEO]

Angela Stokes-Monarch

Raw Vegan Diet for Pregnancy and Babies ? – Angela Stokes-Monarch [VIDEO]

Brian Glow

Presti-Vegetation Holiday Magic Meal [Video]

Kirk Hamilton

Living Healthy In The Fast Lane – Kirk Hamilton [Video]

skinny botch cookbook

The Skinny Bitch Talks Parenting [VIDEO]


Ideal Body Fat Percentage ? – Dr. Doug Graham [VIDEO]


Vegan Protein Deficiency and Vegan Pitfalls – Dr. Michael Klaper [VIDEO]

Leigh Chantale

Viva La Vegan ! – Leigh Chantale [VIDEO]

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As Seen on Dr. Oz – Julieanna Hever – The Plant Based Dietitian [VIDEO]

Jeff Golfman

Occupy Yourself ! [VIDEO]

skinny botch cookbook

Skinny Bitch – Kim Barnouin – NY TIMES #1 Best Seller [VIDEO]


Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fats ? – Dr. Doug Graham [VIDEO]

amber shea ford

Almost Vegan – Amber Shea Ford [VIDEO]

Gena Hamshaw

Choosing Raw – Gena Hamshaw [VIDEO]

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