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1) Where do you get your protein ?

Thanks for this question. It is the most popular question by a landslide. I get lots of protein in the form of : salads, green juices, hemp seeds, spirulina, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and other greens, superfoods, fruits, seaweeds, seeds and nuts. My blood tests are all normal and I exercise almost everyday and i am not losing weight so I know that I am getting enough. Also Please See : Where Do You Get Your Vegan Protein ?

2) How do vegans get B vitamins? Is this a myth. I’ve been reading that it’s hard to get enough bioavailable b-vitamins from vegetables. Thanks for you help and guidance!

Thanks for this important question. The B vitamins are an issue for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. New research suggests that meat eaters also struggle with B vitamin deficiencies. I personally do best when I regularly take a B vitamin supplement. I have experimented and tried over the years several times to go without and each time my B levels dip below normal range. Some people have been successful in keeping their B levels in range by eating lots of local organic nutrient rich vegetables and no animal products as they are getting the vitamins from the nutrient dense rich soil. Best to get your blood and urine work done and determine where you are at today then re-test annually and experiment with what works best for you regardless of what kind of diet you eat. Also See : To Supplement or Not ? That is the Question !

3) How many calories per day do you eat ?

I find that 3500 calories per day works best for me. I used to get 2500 and I losing weight, had low energy and my health was deteriorating. Durian Rider recommends at least 20 calories per day per pound that you weigh & more if you exercise lots and are active in your day. See : Durian Rider Raw Vegan Secrets: 80 10 10 Diet, Supplements and 30 Bananas a Day

4) Where do you get your Iron & Calcium ?

Great question thank you. I get lots of Iron & Calcium the form of : salads, green juices, sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower, fruits, spirulina, E3 Live, and other greens, superfoods, seaweeds, seeds and nuts. My blood tests are all normal so I know that I am getting enough.

5) What do you eat each day ?

I eat lots of greens, juices, smoothies, fruits, seaweeds, seeds, and nuts. I also take some supplements, superfoods and green powders but rotate these every few weeks and try to keep these in moderation. I start my days with lemon water and then eat fruits and/or smoothies. Lunch is usually a juice &/or smoothie &/or salad. Dinner is salad or sushi or juice. For snacks I have fruits throughout the day and sometimes nuts. Also Please see : Avoid the 5 Biggest Vegetarian, Vegan & Raw Mistakes

6) Which of the Authors / Experts do you follow in your diet ?

If you mix Dr. Norman Walker (juices), Dr. Gabrielle Cousens (low glycemic and candida), Dr. Fred Bisci (leave out the bad stuff) & Dr. Doug Graham (low fat and low products) into a blender you would end up with my personal diet. About 10-15% fats. Lots of fruit, greens, juices, salads, and sea vegetables. Lots of calories. Lots of whole foods. A few supplements (B-12), powders (chlorella and spirulina) and superfoods (Maca). 100% raw vegan goodness energy power fuel *Also Please See : 7 Things All Health Experts Agree On

7) What do you do at restaurants? A big part of my social life is going out to eat with my friends. What do you order when dining out?

Great question thanks ! I wrote a lot about this is my free ebook which is on the website so check it out on the right side of the web page. Also see : How to Eat Out Healthy and Happy : Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw

Usually, I eat before and after I meet friends at less than satisfying restaurants then just hang out and socialize. I also try to steer the party to restaurants where I can order a juice, smoothie or salad. I also host many potluck parties and gatherings to keep my social life active.

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