The Cool Vegetarian, The Ultimate Guide for a Veggie, Vegan & Raw Life

The Cool Vegetarian

Jeff Golfman (Author), Mary Ann Marshall (Editor), Woody Harrelson (Foreword), Chef Manuela Scalini (Recipes)

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Printed on 60% wheat straw waste Step Forward Paper™

About the Book :

“A Cool Vegetarian is a person who is happy, emotionally grounded, intellectually stimulated, vibrant, energetic, positive, and well-balanced.”

The Cool Vegetarian is the ultimate guide for a Veggie, Vegan & Raw food lifestyle. This easy to read practical book is an invaluable no nonsense how-to for anyone seeking healthier path. The Cool Vegetarian features 20 expert interviews and 30 delicious raw food recipes by chef Manuela Scalini.

“The Cool Vegetarian is a great resource for anyone interested in a eating a plant-strong diet. Jeff Golfman’s book is a guide to a food reality that is based in self-care-self-respect, and compassion for all life.”

John Robbins, author The Food Revolution, No Happy Cows, Diet For A New America, and many other best-sellers

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