Jeff Golfman

Jeff Golfman

The Cool Vegetarian is a project of 4034317 Manitoba Ltd.

100% of any and all net profits from The Cool Vegetarian are donated to charities. Recent support has gone to : GreenKids Environmental Education for Children, Alive Raw Fusion Parties, The Kenya Smart Packs Project, Several Artists and Elite Marathoners. See our Get Help page for more information.


This site, the blogs, links, events, content and The Seven Secrets to Being a Cool Vegetarian does not replace medical advice from professional health-care practitioners. This is a lifestyle piece only.

I strongly encourage you to work with some smart, experienced and healthy healthcare people to make sure that any changes that you make are within the confines of an overall health program that you are working on with a professional provider of your choice, whether holistic, naturopathic or traditional.