Are you vegetarian, vegan or raw looking for advice, community, information or inspiration ? Or maybe you are interested in exploring whether eating less meat and animal products and more plant based foods is right for you ?

Perhaps you have no idea how to make it work for you on a day to day consistent basis so you are seeking answers? Or maybe you wonder how to attend a party, go for dinner, travel, shop, or even buy ethical clothes? How about how to keep your friends, family and co-workers from institutionalizing you for your new dietary choices?

Once you finally sort through all of those things, maybe you want to find out how to be a healthy or fit vegetarian, vegan or raw food eater which is not always easy despite your best intentions and efforts.

Having trouble determining where you want to be in your food choices : a flexetarian ( sometimes veggy ), a vegetarian ( no meat but consume dairy & eggs ), vegan ( no animals products ) or raw food vegan ( vegan & no cooked food ) ?

If any of the above resonates, this site is for you. It’s a lifestyle project intended to show that “eco” can be chic, fun and worthwhile. The Cool Vegetarian wants to provide inspiration, tools and resources for your vegetarian, vegan and/or raw journey while helping us all live a lighter, fun and friendlier lifestyle.

At the Cool Vegetarian, you will learn from many educated, experienced, and inspirational smarty pants who will share their wisdoms with us all in the written and video blog posts. The links page of the site will help you find many of these wonderful people, the events page will help you plug in to our community, the Q&A section will allow you to get all of your answers, and my favorite recipes are on my personal Facebook Page in the Notes section for you to enjoy FREE.

This project has been created because being green and vegetarian is no longer only for the people on the fringe. We’ve hit the mainstream my friends and there are now millions of us who care about the earth, our diets and our health while still wanting to fit in, to be accepted and have a supportive community of like minded people around us. In short, to be Cool.

100% of any and all net profits from The Cool Vegetarian are donated to charities. Recent support has gone to : GreenKids Environmental Education for Children, Alive Raw Fusion Parties, Smart Packs Project, Several Artists and Elite Marathoners.

Welcome home. Enjoy this site in peace and health!